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PYB 2020-2021 Season Update

We will provide updates to the season here on the front page of the website as we prep and move through the season. Please continue to check back for further updates on the upcoming season. 

UPDATE AS OF 11/20/2020:

With the Governor's message regarding gyms and youth sports being paused for a month, we will be pushing out the start of the season for all groups, to no sooner than January (getting us past the holidays).

We continue to be challenged by the COVID environment and ever-changing rules and availability of our school vs other schools. Please note that all of the below is subject to change as a result.  We appreciate you patience as we continue to navigate this season. 

1st -3rd grade update:

We are planning for 3 Saturdays of practices and 4 Saturdays of a practice followed by a game, all at Pike Lake.  You should expect that your time slots could be in the morning or early to mid-afternoon. We are in the process of building out the teams, we may need another coach or two, but will reach out as necessary. We will send out an e-mail when the teams and schedule have been updated on the website (expect no sooner than mid-December, but we will likely not send it out until we know we will be allowed back in). This season will not start before January.  

4th - 6th grade in-house update:

For 4th - 6th grade boys and girls, anticipate to start (assuming no additional delays) in January, with one to two practices a week. At this point, we are uncertain if the arrowhead league will be happening. We are reaching out to local schools for possible 1 or 2 game dates by grade. Outside of that, we are currently considering all other alternative options for the possibility to play games. Games starting is currently TBD.  We expect two teams for both 4th grade girls and boys. We expect a combined team for 5/6th boys and then also for the girls.

Normal tabs to the website will be updated as we solidify plans for the season.

Travel team info: 

Travel teams this year include: 6B, 6G, 7G, and 8G. These teams will also begin practicing in January assuming no further delays.


We understand its disappointing, and we look forward to having the kids in the gyms when possible. Please be safe and smart over the holidays, and let's all do our part in order to get the kids back on the courts as soon as possible. Thank you everyone for your patience!


The registration for 1st through 6th grade is closed.  Thank you for your patience as plan for the upcoming season.

Travel Team Tryout Information

Tryouts for all travel teams have been completed. Thank you for your participation. 

Separately, the registration for middle school basketball for 7th and 8th grade boys and girls is run by Community Education. You can find the registration link here:  Community Education

Wondering what to bring to practice?

More to come here as we navigate the rules we will be working through for our youth basketball season!

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